Why Become an EA

In this episode of Federal Tax Updates, hosts Roger Harris and Annie Schwab are joined by special guest Megan Killian, Executive Vice President of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).
 Megan discusses her background in association management and her role leading NAEA, the premier organization representing the interests of Enrolled Agents. She talks about the benefits of NAEA membership for EAs, including advocacy, education, community, and support obtaining the credential.
 The discussion covers NAEA's strategic priorities like membership growth, how the EA credential compares to the CPA, and efforts to address the talent shortage by promoting the EA path, including to accounting students and career changers.
 Megan also shares details on NAEA's ongoing fight to regulate paid tax preparers and protect taxpayers from unethical or incompetent preparers. Additional topics include getting involved with NAEA and using its resources to advance your career as an EA.

  • (00:00) - Federal Tax Updates: Why Become An EA?
  • (00:50) - Welcome Megan Killian to the show
  • (01:36) - Megan's background and role at NAEA
  • (03:41) - Benefits of NAEA membership for Enrolled Agents
  • (05:39) - NAEA leadership and strategic priorities
  • (08:42) - Promoting the Enrolled Agent credential
  • (11:34) - Comparing EAs, CPAs, and other tax professionals
  • (14:39) - The declining number of accounting majors and CPAs
  • (18:23) - The EA exam as a faster credentialing path
  • (20:25) - Addressing the talent gap by hiring EAs
  • (23:16) - Helping employees become EAs
  • (26:33) - Regulating paid tax preparers
  • (30:27) - Efforts to pass federal preparer regulation
  • (32:23) - Getting involved with NAEA
  • (34:42) - Where to reach Megan and learn more

This Bonus Episode is NOT Eligilble for CE or CPE Credits

Learn more about becoming an EA https://www.naea.org/

Connect with Megan Killian
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/megkillian
Website: https://www.naea.org/about-naea/naea-evp

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Annie Schwab, CPA
Annie Schwab, CPA
Franchisee Operations Manager at Padgett Business Services
Roger Harris, EA
Roger Harris, EA
President at Padgett Business Services
Megan Killian
Megan Killian
Megan Killian joined as the Executive Vice President of the National Association of Enrolled Agents in January 2021. She has more than 25 years of nonprofit and association experience. She is a member of the American Society of Association Executives and was awarded the certified association executive (CAE) credential in 2008. She is also a 2013 graduate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute of Organizational Management.
Why Become an EA
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