Roger Testifies to Congress About ERTC

In this bonus episode of Federal Tax Updates, co-host Roger Harris provides witness testimony to the United States House Committee on Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on the Employee Retention Tax Credit Experience: Confusion, Delays, and Fraud. Roger and other tax experts break down the issues small businesses and tax professionals have faced in claiming this credit, including long delays, confusing guidance from the IRS, and fraud by bad actors. These witnesses also discuss potential solutions and their experiences working with small business owners struggling to receive ERTC funds to which they are entitled. The full audio of this hearing provides an illuminating look at the policy and administrative hurdles impacting this important pandemic tax relief program.

  • (00:00) - FTU Bonus
  • (23:54) - Roger introduces himself to Congress
  • (42:17) - Roger speaks about the ERTC backlog
  • (01:11:06) - Small businesses have been trapped
  • (01:17:39) - Roger expresses need for clear and permanent guidance
  • (01:20:40) - How fraudulent applications impact small businesses that unknowingly worked with ERTC mills
  • (01:28:12) - IRS needs technology
  • (01:37:09) - Number of ERTC claims waiting to be processed
  • (01:39:17) - How to stop the bad actors
  • (01:41:49) - How to help small businesses that have been scammed
  • (01:53:26) - Three types of ERTC fraud

YouTube Video of Hearing:

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Roger Testifies to Congress About ERTC
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