What Small Businesses Need to Know about New Overtime Rules

This episode of the Federal Tax Updates Podcast explores recent changes in employment law that impact small businesses. Hosts Roger  and Annie discuss new overtime rules, including updated salary thresholds for exempt employees, as well as guidelines for hiring family members and the benefits of doing so. They also cover recent developments in non-compete agreements and offer advice on protecting client relationships. Throughout the episode, the hosts emphasize the importance of accountants providing comprehensive advisory services to small business clients beyond just tax advice.

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  • (00:00) - Welcome to Federal Tax Updates
  • (01:49) - Small Business Issues Overview
  • (03:11) - Employment Concerns for Small Businesses
  • (05:59) - Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Basics
  • (08:46) - State vs. Federal Minimum Wage
  • (12:41) - Overtime Rules and Exemptions
  • (29:24) - Salary Adjustments and Overtime Considerations
  • (29:58) - Impact of Political Changes on Labor Regulations
  • (30:23) - Understanding Exemptions: Administrative, Executive, and Professional
  • (31:18) - Outside Sales and Computer Employees Exemptions
  • (33:31) - Joint Employer Standards and Franchisee Concerns
  • (36:57) - Child Labor Laws and Hiring Your Own Children
  • (42:54) - Non-Compete Agreements and Employee Retention
  • (51:07) - Upcoming Podcast and Future Topics

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Creators and Guests

Annie Schwab, CPA
Annie Schwab, CPA
Franchisee Operations Manager at Padgett Business Services
Roger Harris, EA
Roger Harris, EA
President at Padgett Business Services
What Small Businesses Need to Know about New Overtime Rules
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