Post-Tax Season Tune-Up

After the chaos of tax season, it's the perfect time to evaluate your accounting practice and make changes for a smoother upcoming year. In this episode, Roger is joined by guest Amanda Aguillard to discuss strategies to "right-size" your client roster, optimize technology usage, diversify service offerings, and implement better work-life balance. They share tips on reviewing clients, pricing appropriately, leveraging accounting services beyond tax prep, and avoiding the unhealthy grind culture.

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  • (00:00) - Welcome to Federal Tax Updates
  • (02:04) - Meet Amanda Aguilar: A Journey from CPA to IRS Advisory Council Member
  • (03:26) - Post-Tax Season Reflections: Looking Back to Move Forward
  • (06:03) - Evaluating Your Practice: The Importance of Client Grading
  • (11:02) - Achieving Work-Life Balance Through Right Sizing
  • (16:54) - Embracing Specialization for a More Profitable Practice
  • (21:41) - The Power of Saying No: Setting Boundaries with Clients
  • (26:17) - Leveraging Technology for Efficiency and Balance
  • (27:58) - The Challenge of Vetting Software
  • (29:23) - The Reality of Clients and Technology Adoption
  • (30:38) - Making Tough Decisions on Client Technology Use
  • (33:37) - Evaluating Tax Software: Cost vs. Capability
  • (38:19) - Diversifying Services Beyond Tax Season
  • (42:51) - The Value of Accounting Services in the Age of DIY Software
  • (48:38) - Closing Thoughts: Embracing Change for a Healthier Work-Life Balance

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Post-Tax Season Tune-Up
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