Charting Through the 2024 Tax Season Maelstrom

Tax professionals must steer through a complex maelstrom during the 2024 filing season. Roger and Annie serve as experienced guides, helping listeners chart a course around hazards like the Employee Retention Credit squalls, the revised "economic realities" path for worker classification under new Department of Labor rules, and proposed tax law changes including an enhanced Child Tax Credit and R&D deduction restart. With their steady hands on the bridge, preparers can safely navigate these choppy waters.

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  • (00:00) - Welcome to Federal Tax Updates
  • (01:27) - Diving Into the Filing Season & Tax Updates
  • (12:42) - The IRS Perspective on Employee Classification
  • (17:20) - Navigating Section 530 Relief for Misclassification
  • (24:17) - The ERC Voluntary Program: A Lifeline for Businesses
  • (27:20) - The Future of ERC and Legislative Impacts
  • (31:01) - Navigating Tax Repayment and IRS Policies
  • (32:36) - Legislative Updates and Tax Season Insights
  • (36:32) - The Future of Tax Laws and Political Implications
  • (40:15) - Understanding Beneficial Ownership Reporting
  • (47:31) - Dealing with 1099K Forms and Client Advisories
  • (52:08) - Embracing Digital Shifts in Tax Documentation
  • (53:30) - Thanks for Listening and Parting Thoughts

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Annie Schwab, CPA
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Roger Harris, EA
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Charting Through the 2024 Tax Season Maelstrom
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