The Long Road to Tax Certainty

With tax provisions constantly expiring and major questions looming about the future of the tax code, uncertainty reigns. Roger, Annie, and guest Thad Inge break down the state of play on tax extenders, the likelihood of action on expiring tax cuts, and the challenges businesses face in planning amidst the uncertainty.

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  • (00:00) - Welcome to Federal Tax Updates
  • (02:36) - State of Congress
  • (07:40) - Secure Act Overview
  • (10:55) - Government Shutdowns and Funding
  • (14:49) - Potential Tax Changes
  • (20:23) - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • (28:55) - IRS Plans for Additional Funding
  • (35:20) - IRS Improvements Seen So Far
  • (43:36) - ERC Status and Issues
  • (51:24) - Wrap up and thanks for listening

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Creators and Guests

Annie Schwab, CPA
Annie Schwab, CPA
Franchisee Operations Manager at Padgett Business Services
Roger Harris, EA
Roger Harris, EA
President at Padgett Business Services
Thad Inge
Thad Inge
Thad Inge is vice president at Van Scoyoc Associates where he works with startups, nonprofits, associations, and corporations from highly regulated and emerging industries. His areas of expertise include tax, tax administration, small business, benefits, fintech, and payments issues. Prior to joining VSA, Thad led government relations at Paychex, Inc., a leading provider in payroll, human capital management, and benefits services. Thad spent a number of years in government, including heading congressional affairs for the U.S. Small Business Administration and working on the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship. Thad graduated from Georgetown University and received his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law.
The Long Road to Tax Certainty
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