Building Financial Literacy and Trust with Small Business Clients

Joey Vrooman, CPA, joins the show today and helps explain the importance of working to educate clients on financial literacy, despite common disinterest. He discusses tactics for simplifying complex terminology, using visual tools, meeting clients at their level, and the "win win" benefits for both advisor and business owner.

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  • (00:00) - Federal Tax Updates Episode 21
  • (01:11) - Welcome Joey to the show
  • (03:02) - Defining financial literacy
  • (06:04) - Teaching clients to understand finances
  • (16:02) - Understanding client personalities and tailoring communication
  • (18:54) - Managing pricing and margins during inflation
  • (22:57) - Keeping financial information simple yet accurate
  • (27:33) - Answering client questions on financial decisions
  • (30:42) - Documentation to protect against liability risks
  • (33:48) - Year-end tax planning with clients
  • (39:28) - Confusion caused by media coverage and ERTC mills
  • (43:32) - Wrap up and remember to subscribe

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Creators and Guests

Annie Schwab, CPA
Annie Schwab, CPA
Franchisee Operations Manager at Padgett Business Services
Roger Harris, EA
Roger Harris, EA
President at Padgett Business Services
Joey Vrooman, CPA
Joey Vrooman, CPA
Joey is Padgett Franchisee based out of Bismarck, North Dakota. He has a strong passion for Entrepreneurship and increasing the collective wisdom of Financial Literacy.
Building Financial Literacy and Trust with Small Business Clients
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