Post Tax Season Firm Improvements

This week, Roger and Annie deviate from their normal tax update chats to have a deep discussion about the current state of the accounting profession and how you can use this post tax season downtime to improve your firm.

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  • (00:00) - Post Tax Season Firm Improvements
  • (02:52) - What's your general impressions about the tax season?
  • (04:57) - What are we seeing in the industry in terms of headwinds?
  • (11:59) - Why is hiring becoming so difficult in accounting?
  • (29:15) - Great practices to do post tax season?
  • (44:37) - Does the accounting industry need to make changes to the process of becoming a CPA?
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Annie Schwab, CPA
Annie Schwab, CPA
Franchisee Operations Manager at Padgett Business Services
Roger Harris, EA
Roger Harris, EA
President at Padgett Business Services
Post Tax Season Firm Improvements
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